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Character Information



Furby 2012, Scoffby, Twittby, Fussby, Loveby, Furby Boom!, Nerdby

Voiced by


Wittby is one of the six Party Rockers.


Wittby has very fluffy looking yellow fur. It has a pink faceplate, pink eyelids and the eyes that the Furby has are circular. This Furby Party Rocker has a large orange mouth. On the top of its head Wittby has a funny shaped navy antennae. This Furby Party Rocker also has two small navy feet made from some kind of fabric.


  • Wittby likes being a dimwitted Party Rocker, who says words like "Blah, blah, blah!"
  • Wittby is one of the newest Party Rockers who is mysterious at first, along with Nerdby.
  • They can giggle, fart, do a cockerel/dog impression, burp, fart to the tune of London Bridge is Falling Down, sing, get wild, shout, and many other stuff.[[Category:Female Party Rocke

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