There are rumors lurking about a new Furby era possibly coming out around 2019.

In some way it makes sense to me, since a new Furby era. would come out every seven years.

1998 Furby era. - 2005 Furby era.  (1998 + 7 = 2005)

2005 Furby era. - 2012 Furby era. (2005 + 7 = 2012)

(2012 + 7 = 2019)

Each Furby era. has the following:

- a 'Furby baby' version

- The adult/original version

- A different, special version of the Furby that comes out a few years after (ex. the 2005 Furby to the Funky Furby, 2012 furby to the Furby Boom/ Party Rockers, 1998 Furby to the Shelby)

- Merchandise 

Could it be possible that a new Furby generation will come out in 2019? 2019 is in three years already! Maybe in 2019 they could renew the Shelbies? 

What do you think? I am unsure about this, considering that the current furbies are still pretty popular, and would feel very sudden of a new Furby generation to come while the current one is still going on strong with the money and popularity. Though if it were to be a Shelby then that'd be neat!