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    Cakepop Furby OC

    July 5, 2017 by Emz107

    Character Owner/Creator is Emzily

    (Also known as Emz107, 07emzily, E07emz, etc on other social medias)

    Cakepop: Furby OC (original character).

    Backstory: Cakepop was a pink Furby Connect with an owner that adored working & messing around with machines. This robot lover decided to take Cakepop and combine her with a original 1998 Furby, Furby Boom! and 2012 Furby. As suprising as it may be, she does work, but only half of her does. Only her Connect eye and ear is funtional, while the rest of her kinda just... stopped. But don't let this seemingly unactive conterpart fool you. As unactive as it may seem, the motor from the original 1998 Furby is what keeps her running.

    Personality: Her personality had to be manually programmed because of her... …

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