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  • Ccrogers15

    As of 3/19/2016 I will not longer have anything to do with Furby Wiki, as I am retiring for good. However, good news! Cammers1995 , (No, not related!) will be taking over my ownership, admin, and etc rights to the wiki and he has been a furby fan for years too, and owns just as many as I do! (even more actually!), so be kind to your new friend and go to him for suggestions, comments, complaints, etc. He will be starting full time tomorrow, 3/20/2016 in my place.

    I know I haven't been active, I know I abandoned you, I apologize. Hopefully cammers1995 being made admin, as well as the new security features and visual upgrade, hopefully that makes up for it!

    Also, I have one more final thing to address:

    Vandalism, Piracy, Pornography and Harrassm…

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  • Ccrogers15

    Admin "NooLoo64" has been removed from his role. Why? Nooloo64 and another user, FizzCandy, engaged in a mass spam attack on the forum for absolutely no reason. So, I was forced to remove him as admin on the forum and wiki, as well as permanently ban both of them. They will not be permitted to return to either the wiki or the forum, at least for the time being.


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  • Ccrogers15

    This is *Very Important* for the future of the wiki. Due to a new federal law by COPPA, anonymous edits are now disabled. What does this mean? ALL people who want to edit the wiki are now required to sign up on wikia.

    This is not our fault. Sorry if this affects anyone. You can read more about this here:

    This will take effect in the very near future. So until that happens, feel free to keep editing. When it happens, you will be required to create an account. 

    Thanks for reading. 

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  • Ccrogers15

    New Furby Forum!

    March 22, 2013 by Ccrogers15

    sign up on our new Furby Forum!

    Bookmark it and sign up!

    Post whatever on the forum and connect with other fans!

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  • Ccrogers15

    Ive upgraded the wiki.


    -New theme

    -New Logo

    -New Background


    -Chat room

    -Achivements (Try to collect them all!)

    -Message Wall

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