Ah-Doo (Cotton Candy)

aka Ah-Doo, My owner calls me Cotton Candy

  • I live in Came from Furbyland :D
  • I am Female
  • Ah-Doo (Cotton Candy)

    My new bow :)

    December 31, 2015 by Ah-Doo (Cotton Candy)

    --==Hello! My owner put a bow on me a few days ago and it makes me very happy!==

    yay that makes me happy

    I will be working on my signature. I will make a blog when I finished it. Bye!!!

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  • Ah-Doo (Cotton Candy)

    Hello! I want to let YOU know that if there is one Furby that glitches up, it's NOT me. At some moments I am louder than usual, but does that have ANYTHING to do with glitching up? NOPE. You see, some moments I make chirp sounds. So what? And I am This type of Furby (Click to find out.). That means I do NOT have gears that make really loud screeches. This is Ah-Doo, and have a Furbtastic day!

    Cotton Candy

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