The Translator Screen on Ipad.

In case you want to know what your furby is saying,go to the Translator. Your furby just says a phrase,then your phone translates it. Your furby says something, ex., "Boo ah!" The phone would say, if the English soundout button is tapped,"No hold" in a rather robotic voice.  

You also have the furbish to english dictionary. If you want to write something down in secret furbish code, you'll have to do some research. There is a whole alphabet list and you can select a letter, and it shows you a word. You can toggle through the words for that letter. To hear what the word sounds like, tap the green button. Your phone will pronounce the word in a robotic female voice. You can find the furbish dictionary Here.

Here is the song Furby 2.0 sings in Furbish.

[Twinkle twinkle little star]

tee-wee-lah dee dah-ay-loh 

doo kah way-nah oo-n

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