Shelbish is a fictional language spoken by the Shelby toys. It is similar to Furbish as it uses sounds and noises to simulate language. It is only spoken by Shelbies, and has not been used or referenced to since then by Hasbro.


When the lifespan of Furby was slowing down, Tiger needed a new and fresh concept to squeeze all of the life out of the Furby brand. Thus, Shelby was born. However, in order to really make Shelby unique, a special language was formulated for it. It was named Shelbish, and a dictionary was included in the package the Shelby came in. It used simple, primitive sounds and grunts, and it really makes Shelby stand out from Furby and other Furby friends.

List Of Shelbish Words

The Shelbish language has far fewer words than furbish at a mere 14 words compared to Furby 1998's Vocabulary of 42 Furbish words. To Make up for this, Shelby also speaks Furbish and knows every word. The following is a list of Shelbish to English words.

Graa = Hungry

Kah-eee = Yes

Deeee = Good/Happy

Daah-yee = Light

Maah = No

Uuuuuu = Scared

Aaah-geee = Again/More

Raaak = Hug/Love/Like

Uuu-daa = Down

Reees = Please

Suuue = Sad

Baae = Back

Looow = Health

Shaaah = Shelby/Me