Rules and Consequences

Last updated on September 10, 2017.

This page lists all the rules and consequences on the wiki. Please not that avoiding any of these rules can lead to a chat ban, or even a block.

Please make sure to read these rules. We have these because this wiki is family friend because after all, Furby is a toy aimed at children.


* Means instant ban.

General Rules

  • Do not upload any content which is not PG. This means no PG 13, no R, only PG.
  • Do not ask administrators or bureaucrats to ban someone just because you may not agree with them or that you dislike them.
  • No linking to sites containing warez, pornography, graphic content, etc.*
  • Do not upload suggestive images.*
  • Absolutely no pornography.*
  • Do not hack or even attempt to hack someone's account.*
  • User pages, also known as profiles, belong to only one user and no one else should edit them. If you see a user page that violates the policies then please contact an administrator.
  • Trying to solicit personal information is prohibited by Wikia, and as such on this wiki. If a user gives you their personal information you should not pass it on unless they give you their permission.*

Article Policy

  • Profanity should not be used on articles, as users who may not be registered could be quite young and are able to browse pages on the wiki.
  • Vandalism will not be tolerated and will lead to a block instantly. Vandalism is when a user purposely damages a page.
  • Users should avoid making small and repeated edits on articles, as this is often considered edit farming and badge farming.
  • No commentary or opinions are allowed in articles. Please keep comments, commentary, opinions, etc, confined to your own blog or the articles talk page.

Chat Policy

  • Do not spam/flood the live chat as it can cause lag for some users.
  • If any user tells you to drop a topic of conversation you must do so.
  • Profanity must not be used in the live chat. Any other profanities, this includes abbreviations, purposely-misspelled variations, and implied variations.
  • Linking to other Wikias are fine, but linking to other chats is not.

Ban & Suspensions

We have a very strict stance on rule breakers, due to the nature of the wiki and its age group.

Number of Offence Length of Block
First offence One week
Second offence One month
Third offence Permanent block

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