UPDATE 03/18/2016: Due to extreme vandalism, several users have been banned for one year, several edits have been rolled back, and two new admins have been added. Keep in mind that this is a FAMILY FRIENDLY wiki that involves children toys. Any pornography, swearing, harassment, adult content, etc will NOT be tolerated and you will be banned permanently without warning at all.


  1. Absolutely no pornography.
  2. No swearing.
  3. No abuse or harassment.
  4. No suggestive images.
  5. No content that could scare children.
  6. Absolutely no circumventing blocks, bans, suspensions. You will just keep getting banned.
  7. No linking to sites containing warez, pornography, graphic content, etc.
  8. Keep in mind this is a wiki where many children frequent. Keep it PG. Not PG 13, Not R, but PG.
  9. Always ask an admin before deleting a page.
  10. No commentary or opinions are allowed in articles. Please keep comments, commentary, opinions, etc, confined to your own blog or the articles talk page. 


We have a very strict stance on rule breakers, due to the nature of the wiki and its age group.

1st offense = Suspension for ONE WEEK.

2nd offense = One month suspension.

3rd offense = Permanent ban.

Additionally, any linking to warez, pornography, graphic content, death threats or threat to safety of users will instantly result in a perma ban without warning.

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