Q Sprite is a Furby Furbling knock-off manufactured by Jia Du Toys.    


They were released in three different colors: pink, blue, and white. A white and pink version of the toy is also known to exist, however, it remains unknown whether if it is an unreleased color or not. Q Sprite's come with lanyard which you can attach to the top of their heads. They can either have eyes that look like a Furby Furbling's eyes or eyes that look like a Furby connect's. Q Sprite's that have eyes which look similar to a Furby Furbling's eyes have lenticular eyes, while ones that have eyes that look similar to a Furby Connect, don't have lenticular eyes.


Q Sprite can say the exact same phrases as a Furby Furbling when the top of its head is pressed, and unlike Furby Furblings, Q Sprite has its own app to interact with. Through the app, you can feed Q Sprite, get it to play music, and take a photo of it. There is also a virtual Q Sprite which can be interacted with in the app. When you touch the virtual Q Sprite, the Q Sprite toy will respond.


  • They are referred to as Cute Multi function Elf on the English version of the toy, Multifunctional Baby Elf on the Russian version, and are referred to as Q Sprite on the Chinese version of the toy.



Q Sprite demo video

Q Sprite demo video