The Purby is a Furby fake similar in appearance to the Coobies. It has the same electronics and sounds the same as Poopies and Kokies. They have very robotic, monotonous-sounding voices.

Purby, Poopi, and Kokie all speak some English, some Furbish, and some Japanese. Most of their English/Furbish phrases are similar to those of a real Furby. They have names like Furby's, but they all seem to have the same name, Doh-Doh. (Sometimes after sneezing they'll say "Me Doh-Doh")

They speak Japanese and Furbish.

These are some known phrases of the Purby:

"Uh-oh, worry"

"Ay-tay wah!" (Furbish for "feed me!" or "very hungry!")

"Oh-kay" (okay)

"Ogenki desu ka" (Japanese for "How are you" or "Are you well?")

"Omoshiroi desu ne" (Japanese for "Isn't this fun?")

"Again, doo-moh" (Again, please)

"Kah dah-boh-bay" (Me scared)

"Hey, kah noh-lah!" (Hey, me dance!)

"Now, now..."

"Goodbye" (they say this if you don't play with them for a bit, and after a while they will go to sleep)

Purby Demo by Furby Fan on YouTube-0

Purby Demo by Furby Fan on YouTube-0