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FURBY WIKI DISCLAIMER: This is a fan made project that possibly involves modifying the stock software and parts shipped by hasbro. Doing so will void your warranty and FurbyWiki nor Open Furby are responsible for any damages done to your Furby. Proceed with caution! 

Project Open Furby is an experimental project developed by Wroclaw University Of Technology with the intention of equipting the 2012 Hasbo Furby with custom controllers and A.I that allows the Furby to be hacked, modified, controlled, and more from a users personal computer.

"Multiple robotics projects are developed, aimed at providing the humans with friendly robots permanently accompanying them in their daily lives. In the majority they represent expensive robotic constructions with very limited possibilities. The establishment and maintenance of the robot-human communication, both verbal and non-verbal, depend essentially on capabilities of naturally and plausibly showing emotions by generating facial expressions by the robot.
FURBY toy manufactured by Hasbro Inc. has a friendly appearance with outstanding capabilities in such price segment. Unfortunately, manufacturer does not provide for the possibility of using its product as a HRI (human-robot interaction) research platform. There is no possibility of full behaviour control. Our goal is to modify current version of FURBY and equipped him in a custom controller that allows to control him form PC." - Open Furby Project