Pixy is a Russian Furby boom knock-off manufactured by a company called Jia Du Toys which is a company known for producing other multiple knock-offs. Pixy comes in three colors: pink, blue, and white. Their beak sometimes matches their fur color. Pixy's appearance is exactly the same as a Phoebe's appearance, but with minor differences. All Pixy's have eyes which have LED lights that flash red and blue. Some have a Furby boom's ear pattern on each ear. Unlike Phoebes, there are no Pixy's that have LCD eyes. The full name for this knock-off is "Furby named Pixy". 

Pixy's, can make noises which different animals make, tell stories, play a game, teach English, sing Russian songs, play music, and like other Furby fakes, they can mimic your voice. They have three buttons underneath their fur which can be pressed like for telling stories or singing. Like a 2012 Furby or Furby Boom, they have a pet sensor, tickle sensor, and their tails can be pulled. Unlike 2012 Furby's and Furby Boom's, Pixy's have buttons in their feet which can be pressed. It is known that some can also respond to commands in Russian. Some Pixy's may come with a remote control that looks like a plastic phone with pictures of Furby's on it. Buttons on the remote control can be pressed to perform any of its features such as singing, story telling, etc.


Pixy's App

Like Furby Boom, Pixy has its own app which can be downloaded from the App Store. The app is similar to the Furby app. Through the app, you can feed Pixy, get Pixy to imitate the sounds of any animals on the app or play any music or songs on the app. The app also has a virtual Pixy in it which can be interacted with by poking it. While interacting with the virtual Pixy on the app, Pixy will respond.


Ферби по кличке Пикси. Заказывайте тут http ферби.дариребенку

Ферби по кличке Пикси. Заказывайте тут http ферби.дариребенку.рф!

Fake furby-0

Fake furby-0


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