Phoebe New Series are knock-off toys that are part of the Phoebe series. They are available in

Party Rocker design

different designs and colours. There were fake Party Rockers that can party with the Phoebe. Unfortunately, they can't. There were also another version, but with a Furbling design, but their bodies are a bit smaller. On the Furbling box it says it speaks Furbish and English. It is unknown what the fake Party Rockers will say. On the top of the fake Party Rocker box shows a wave pattern which is part of the Furby Boom! box.

Furbling design

The fake Furbling toys have hangers on top of their heads. They can repeat what you say when you pull their tails like for example: If you say "My name is Mini Furby!", they will say "My name is Mini Furby!" back. This also means you can make it admit it's a fake toy.

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