Phoebe is one of the fake Furbies and one of the first. It comes in a different section of four colours: white, red, black and blue. It also has a section of eyes: light up LCD eyes (which looks the same to the Valley Girl personality's eyes) and colour-changing eyes that change colour from red to blue. It speaks Mandarin and it also speaks Furbish like the real Furbies. It reveals on one side of the box that it speaks "Phoebe" (which was actually mistaken for Furbish).

Phoebe (Fake Furby)

Phoebe in white with the colour-changing eyes

Some of them are called "Phoebe" and some are called "Furby". Now they come in very weird patterns and colours which there was a copy of the Zigzag one, but the zigzags come in different colours. Also, the new Phoebes have the same colour feet, face, ears and tail.

New Series

There are fake copies of the Furby Party Rockers (only Scoffby, Loveby, Twittby and Fussby). Instead of saying "Party Rockers", it says "New Series". Nerdby and Wittby are the only New Series Phoebes not to be released in this range. Also released as New Series Pheobe are the Furby Furblings. Their fur is a little bit small and, like the real Furblings, they look like a ball with a face, ears, a tail and feet. It is unknown what the fake Party Rockers sound like.


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