Phoebe is one of the first fake 2012 Furby's that were released. They are very commonly sold in four colors: white, red, black, and blue. Some, however, might have mixed colors on their fur or even different colored zig zags on their body. Phoebe's can have either LCD eyes which display a few pictures and eye animations from the 2012 Furby's, or LED eyes that flash red and blue. They say phrases from the sweet, crazy, evil, normal, and talkative personalities. If you press their tails, they can repeat what you say, in a distorted high-pitched voice. They shake from left to right while moving their mouths. Phoebe's speak Mandarin and speak Furbish like the real Furby's. In the instruction manual for the Phoebe's and on their boxes, you will realize that Furby's language, "Furbish", is referred to as "Phoebe" instead. 

2017-New-Electronic-Interactive-Toys-Phoebe-Firbi-Pets-Fuby-Owl-Elves-Plush-Recording-Talking-Smart-Toy.jpg 640x640

A Phoebe with LED eyes.

Some Phoebe's are repackaged with the Furby logo on their boxes. Other knock-offs with the same appearance include Noxyand Pixy.