The Pantry Menu

The Pantry is an area from the Furby App, and it is where you can feed your 2012 Furby. Sometimes, your Furby will puke or spit out stuff it doesn't like when you feed it something.

Foods and what they =


Jawbreaker: Tooth

Sock: Car keys

Apple: Core

Cotton candy/Rock candy: Stick

Sushi: Rice

Escargot: Shell

Popcorn: Kernel

Soda: Crumpled can

Scallop: Shell

Bubble Tea (Smoothie with jelly pearls): Cup with jelly pearls.

Carrot: Carved Furby totem

Fish: Bones

Ribs: Bones

Pufferfish: Puffed pufferfish

Puffed pufferfish: Sick

Sick: Sick or furball

and many more!

Different personalities will like different types of food; For instance, the Diva ones love sushi, the Chatterbox ones hate escargot, and the funny ones like gross stuff (socks, underwear, moldy cheese, etc.)