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Welcome to the Official Furby Wiki 3.0! (March, 12th, 2017 VERSION). PLEASE PROVIDE FEEDBACK HERE.


Welcome to the largest Furby Wiki on the interwebs!
The Ultimate guide about Furby, Shelby, Gizmo and more that anyone can edit!

The Furby Wiki has 162 articles since our opening on June 1st 2012!
Original Furby - Furby 2005 - Furby 2012 - Rules - Furby Party Rockers - Furby Boom - Shelby - Furbacca - Furby Connect

Furby's World

We suggest you read and understand our rules before editing. Click Here To Read Them!


Have you hugged your Furby lately?

Furbyland News Corner

March 22, 2017: A new Furby Video Game has been announced!
PLEASE NOTE THAT RULES WILL BE ENFORCED. FROM NOW ON, one warning, after, one week suspension. Any more violations after your suspension will result in a lifetime ban.

Furby Media

Weekly Poll

What is your favorite Furby generation?

The poll was created at 08:01 on March 24, 2017, and so far 6 people voted.

Quotes of the month!

"Doo? Dah-Boo!" Furby Connect - 2016

"Cock-a-Doodle-Doo, Hehehe! Me (insert name here)!" Classic Furby - 1998

"Doo u-tye? What's up?" Vallery Girl Furby 2012

"Tummy Itchy, More Please!" Shelby - 2001

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