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Welcome to the main page of this wiki!

When editing this page, please note a few things:

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Welcome to the largest Furby Wiki on the interwebs!
The Ultimate guide about Furby, Shelby, Gizmo and more that anyone can edit!

The Furby Wiki has 154 articles since our opening on June 1st 2012!
Original Furby - Furby 2005 - Furby 2012 - Rules - Furby Party Rockers - Furby Boom - Shelby - Furbacca - Furby Connect

We suggest you read and understand our rules before editing. Click Here To Read Them!



Do you own a Playstation 4? Want to game with other Furby friends on PS4? Now you can! Join our group! Simply open your "friends" tab on PS4, view communities, click the "discover communities" option, then select "Furby!".

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Furbyland News Corner

March 18th, 2016: We have updated the rules due to the wave of vandals. Please read it here: RULES.March 19th, 2016: ccrogers15 is retiring, visual upgrades, bannings, and more. Read here: CLICK

Did you know that there was almost a Furby TV show?!

PLEASE NOTE THAT RULES WILL BE ENFORCED. FROM NOW ON, one warning, after, one week suspension. Any more violations after your suspension will result in a lifetime ban.

Furby Media

Weekly Poll

Would you watch a TV show based on Furby?

The poll was created at 09:48 on April 13, 2016, and so far 157 people voted.

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Quotes of the month!

"FAIL! Hehehe!" Jolly Furby Boom - 2013

"U-Nye Dah Noo-Noo..." Furby 2012

"Kitty Kitty! Hide!" Classic Furby - 1998

"What's Going On!?" Shelby - 2001

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