Mow Gwai is a Furby knock-off produced in 2005 by CityWorld International. They came in six fur color variations. It's possible that the name "Mow Gwai" was inspired by the mogwais from the movie Gremlins. It is also possible that Mow Gwai could be a 2005 Furby rip-off, and not just a 1998 Furby rip-off.

Appearance and Features

Mow Gwai has fluffy fur on its ears, tiny vestigal arms, and a small red nose above its beak. They have a switch underneath allowing them to speak either German, French or English. Unlike a 1998 Furby, they have an on/off switch, and they come with a feeding spoon. 


Only one piece of merchandise is known to exist for Mow Gwai which includes mini Mow Gwai plushes. They have a fluffy tail which can be pulled; when the tail is pulled, it will vibrate. 





A demo of a Mow Gwai by Linealtntrock on YouTube-001:55

A demo of a Mow Gwai by Linealtntrock on YouTube-0

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