Portugese McFurby Commercial00:31

Portugese McFurby Commercial

McFurby's were small plastic toys given out in McDonald's Happy Meals from March 26 - April 22, 1999. There were 8 series with each series containing 10 Furby's. Each Series introduced a new action. A total of 8 different actions and 80 to collect. On March 23, 2000, McFurby stuffed keychains were released. This time, only twelve were released until April 13. In the UK, were plush Furby dolls that were quite big for a McDonalds Happy Meal Toy. The second series in the UK were Furby and Shelby dolls that would sing with each other via a sensor in their feet. There were also Burger King Furbys made for the release of Furby 2005. Just like the original , They each had a unique function and colour scheme. There were 100 to collect in Burger King. Each one came in a mini pet carrier. In Latin America, were made for furby 2005. there were 8 to collect. each one with different functions and colours. In December of 2013, McFurby Booms were released. The were based on Furby Boom toys and each had differing qualities such as the Peacock's Party Rocker-like qualities or the Wave's googly eyes. In January 2014, McDonald's from Latin America released Furby 2012 toys. There were 6 to collect.


  • McFurby series 1-4.
  • McFurbys series 5-8.
  • Furby McDonalds Bag.
  • 2005 Furby Burger King Toy


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