1998 Furby- "Silky Furby"1998 Furby- Raspberry Swirl1998 Furby Special Editions
B/O ElectronicsBaby Birdy Bird (Furby Fake)Baby Brainy (Furby Fake)
Baby Loobie (Furby Fake)Cheetah FurbyCoobie (Furby Fake)
Crystal FurblingsCrystal Furby WallpaperCrystal Ladder
Dance GameDancing Furby (Game)Dragon Furby
DubbyEidolon Funny (Furby Fake)Fairy (Furby Fake)
FerboFoobie (Furby Fake)Frog Furby
Furbacca the Wookie FurbyFurbettino (Furby Fake)Furbish (Furby Fake)
Furbish (language)FurblingsFurby
Furby (1998)Furby 1998-Tie DyeFurby 1998- Alligator
Furby 1998- BearFurby 1998- Blue TurtleFurby 1998- Bumble Bee
Furby 1998- ChampagneFurby 1998- Church MouseFurby 1998- Coffee
Furby 1998- Color ChangeFurby 1998- DalmationFurby 1998- Elephant
Furby 1998- GiraffeFurby 1998- GorillaFurby 1998- Green Bean
Furby 1998- HuskyFurby 1998- KoalaFurby 1998- Lady Bug
Furby 1998- LambFurby 1998- LeopardFurby 1998- Lizard
Furby 1998- Ocean RipplesFurby 1998- Pink FlamingoFurby 1998- Rooster
Furby 1998- SherbetFurby 1998- SkunkFurby 1998- Snow Leopard
Furby 1998- SnowballFurby 1998- Tart TangerineFurby 1998- Tiger
Furby 1998- TurtleFurby 1998- WolfFurby 1998- Zebra
Furby 1998 - BlueberryFurby 1998 - LabradorFurby 1998 - Penguin
Furby 1998 - Puppy DogFurby 1998 - Rusty DotsFurby 2005
Furby 2012Furby 2012-BlackFurby 2012-Blue
Furby 2012-Dark BlueFurby 2012-Dark PurpleFurby 2012-Red
Furby 2012-Yeti WhiteFurby 2012 - Aqua GreenFurby 2012 Manual Copy
Furby 2012 PersonalitiesFurby 2012 StuffFurby App Glitches
Furby BabiesFurby Baby 1999- Baby BlueFurby Baby 1999- Baby Pink
Furby BoomFurby Boom!: Crystal SeriesFurby Boom! (app)
Furby Boom! PersonalitiesFurby Boom-Festive SweaterFurby Boom Names
Furby BuddiesFurby BugsFurby Connect
Furby Connect WorldFurby Fans ForumsFurby Furblings
Furby Furblings: Crystal SeriesFurby Generation 5Furby Island (Cancelled 2006 TV Show)
Furby Island (film)Furby Mix (CD)Furby Party Rockers
Furby PhoebeFurby Trainers Guide (Book)Furdy (Furby Fake)
Fuzzywonder (Furby fake)Gigabot (Furby Fake)Gizbo (Furby Fake)
Gizbo Version 2 (Furby Fake)Gizmo FurbyHabby (Furby Fake)
HasbroHerbie (Furby Fake)Hibou Smart Owl (Furby Fake)
How To Fix A Furby 1998Jabberwacky (Furby Fake)Kid Cuisine Furby
Kiwi FurbyKoby the Interactive Bear (Furby Fake)Kokie (Furby Fake)
Lion FurbyList of 1998 Furby namesList of Furby merchandise
List of Special Edition Furby PoemsLittle HibouLoveby
Marzianetto (Furby Fake)McFurbysMini Pet Hibou
Mow Gwai (Furby Fake)NerdbyOfficial Furby Trainers Guide (Book)
Official Furby WikiOwl FurbyPantry
Pantry (Furby App)Papara (Furby Fake)Peebo (Furby Fake)
Phoebe (Furby Fake)Phoebe New Series (Furby Fake)Pink Furby Connect
Pixy (Furby Fake)Plain RugPoobee (Furby Fake)
Popo (Furby Fake)Project Open FURBYPurby (Furby Fake)
Purple Furby ConnectQ Sprite (Furby Fake)Reindeer Furby
Retro 2012 Furby (Cancelled)Santa FurbyScoffby
ShelbishShelbySpace Robby III (Furby Fake)
Space Robby II (Furby Fake)Space Robby I (Furby Fake)Star-Shaped Rug
The Furby Man ForumsTonkuri (Furby Fake)Toy Chest
TranslatorTruckUfobie (Furby Fake)
Unnamed Furby FakeWitch's Cat FurbyWittby
Wizard FurbyWonder Pet (Furby Fake)

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