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Furby 1998- CoffeeFurby 1998- Color ChangeFurby 1998- Dalmation
Furby 1998- DragonFurby 1998- ElephantFurby 1998- Frog
Furby 1998- GiraffeFurby 1998- GorillaFurby 1998- Green Bean
Furby 1998- HuskyFurby 1998- KiwiFurby 1998- Koala
Furby 1998- Lady BugFurby 1998- LambFurby 1998- Leopard
Furby 1998- LizardFurby 1998- Ocean RipplesFurby 1998- Owl
Furby 1998- Pink FlamingoFurby 1998- RoosterFurby 1998- Sherbet
Furby 1998- SkunkFurby 1998- Snow LeopardFurby 1998- Snowball
Furby 1998- Tart TangerineFurby 1998- TigerFurby 1998- Turtle
Furby 1998- Witch's CatFurby 1998- WolfFurby 1998- Zebra
Furby 1998 - BlueberryFurby 1998 - LabradorFurby 1998 - Lion
Furby 1998 - PenguinFurby 1998 - Puppy DogFurby 1998 - Rusty Dots
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Gizmo FurbyHabby (Furby Fake)Hasbro
Herbie (Furby Fake)Hibou Smart Owl (Furby Fake)How To Fix A Furby 1998
Jabberwacky (Furby Fake)Koby the Interactive Bear (Furby Fake)Kokie (Furby Fake)
List of 1998 Furby namesList of Furby merchandiseList of Special Edition Furby Poems
LovebyMarbo the interactive robotMarmo The Moon Angel (Furby Fake)
Marzianetto (Furby Fake)McFurbysMow Gwai (Furby Fake)
NerdbyOfficial Furby Trainers Guide (Book)Official Furby Wiki
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Peebo (Furby Fake)Phoebe (Furby Fake)Phoebe New Series (Furby Fake)
Plain RugPoobee (Furby Fake)Popo (Furby Fake)
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Rules and ConsequencesSanta FurbyScoffby
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Space Robby II (Furby Fake)Space Robby I (Furby Fake)Star-Shaped Rug
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