• Ah-may (pet)
  • A-loh (light)
  • A-tay (hungry)
  • Boh-bay (worried/scared)
  • Boo (no)
  • Dah (big)
  • Dah-noh-lah (party or big dance)
  • Kah-Dah (me big)
  • Kah (me)
  • Doo-moh (please)
  • E-day (good)
  • Koh-Koh (again/more)
  • Loo-Loo (joke)
  • May-May (love)
  • May-lah (hug)
  • May-lah Kah (hug me)
  • Mee-Mee (very)
  • Nah-Bah (down)
  • Toh-dye (done)
  • Toh-loo (like)
  • Toh-loo kah (like me)
  • U-tye (up)
  • Way-loh (sleep)

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