Jabber Wacky is a 1998 Furby knock-off produced by Talentoy Factory Limited. They do not have many interactive features like Furby does. An alternate version of the toy with the same name is known to exist.


Jabber Wacky is similar looking to an owl. It has two large eyes and a small yellow beak, ears on each side of its head, two toes on its feet, and a small fluffy tail unlike the other version of the toy which lacks a tail. Jabber Wacky also has an IR port on its stomach shaped like a hexagon.


Jabber Wacky can be fed when its beak is pushed. Jabber Wacky can also sing different tunes, but it doesn't talk. According to its manual, Jabber Wacky has sensors for its tongue and its wings which helps it communicate with other Jabber Wacky's.