Habby (ハービー in Japanese) is a 1998 Furby fake manufactured by a company called OCCO.


It resembles both the Furbish fake and a dinosaur, but with long ears. Habby has dinosaur-like spines running down its back, rabbit-like ears which are longer than a Furby's, a beak which appears to also be slightly longer than a Furby's, feet slightly different from a Furby's, and small, chubby arms like a Furbish on each side. Some Habby's have eyebrows above their eyes, but they don't move.

Some Habby's may have a blue body with a white tummy, a pink tummy with a white body, or have a fully yellow body while lacking a color for its stomach. 


  • Habby's name appears to be a play on the word "happy" as the letter B's lowercase form looks like an upside down p.
  • It also looks similar to another Furby fake called Wonder Pet.