Hasbro, Tiger Electronics, and Warner Bros partnered up to introduce the Gizmo Furby. It was predicated on the film series Gremlins. They're relatively hard to find at a decent price. Over 250,000 exist.



  • The Gizmo Furby is more specifically based off Gizmo from Gremlins, who is a mogwai.
  • The Furby fake Baby Brainy and Gizmo Furby have striking resemblances.
  • The Gizmo Furby was voiced by Howie Mandell, who's also the voice actor of the actual Gizmo from Gremlins.
  • Gizmo Furby's have unique dialogue, and speaks all English.
  • The Gizmo Furby's eyes look different compared to a normal Furby's eyes. Furby's eyes are doll-like, while Gizmo Furby's have more of "cutesy animal" eyes.


Gizmo Furby Commercial (1999)

Gizmo Furby Commercial (1999)


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