Gizbo is a 1998 Furby knock-off.

Appearance and Functions

Gizbo has a robot like appearance with blue eyes, arms that move, a button on its tummy which can be pressed, and a mouth like Space Robby's. Not much is known about Gizbo, but Gizbo probably performs the exact same functions as Space Robby does. Gizbo has a box which looks exactly like Space Robby's box, but with the words "Space Robby" replaced with the word "Gizbo".


  • This Furby fake has the same name as another Furby fake which looks very different.
  • It is unknown if the creators behind the other version of Gizbo created this version of Gizbo.
  • It is unknown if this version of Gizbo was actually released before or after its other version.
  • There is another version of this Furby fake called Gizbo II.