The Gigabot is a Furby fake which takes on the design and appearance of a robot. The Gigabot acts like a Furby, but has a totally different language of its own.
Gigabot furby fake

This is a Gigabot



The Gigabot is a Furby fake that has feet-like cups, two arms which move, and two antennas just like Robonagi and his remake, Bulinagi. He can come in either silver or gold, and he has a speaker on his tummy, with two useless bumps and a button. His beak looks like steel lips, and he has no eyebrows. All Gigabots have gray eyes. He has 3 holes above his eyes, one is an infrared receiver, the second one is an infrared sender, and the third one is another light. Behind the Gigabot is an attached backpack; this is another item it shares with Robonagi. Also, Robonagi makes sounds similar to that of a Gigabot's. Some people even say that its voice sounds like the voice of a circuit bent Furbish.

Gigabot Furby Fake01:11

Gigabot Furby Fake


The Gigabot looks quite identical to the Space Robbies.

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