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Furby mix

The Furby Mix DVD.

Furby Mix is a CD that was never released in the U.S. It consists of 12 cover songs sung in a Furby voice.


Version 1: only 1 CD. Songs on the CD: La Lola, Follow The Leader, Believe, Salome, Boom Boom Boom Boom, Suavemente, Livi'n La Vida Loca, Blue (Da Ba Dee), Witch Doctor, Waterloo, 2 Times, and Oh Wanna Alegria

Version 2: 2 CDs. Songs on CD 1: Livi'n in Jam, Bailamos, Mambo No. 5, Follow The Leader, A-Ba-Ni-Bi, Believe, Salome, Boom Boom Boom Boom, Blue (Da Ba Dee), Suavemente, El Baile Del Pimpollo, and Libre. Songs on CD 2: Livi'n La Vida Loca, Probe Miguel, Living Next Door TO Alice, La Banana, Mi Chico Latino, Witch Doctor, Waterloo, Hooked On A Feeling, 2 Times, La Lola, La Ultima Carta, and Oh Wanna Alegria.

Furby mix

The Furby Mix DVD.

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