Furby mix

The Furby Mix CD (First Version)

Published by Vale Music, Furby Mix is an album which was exclusive only to Spain. Two versions of the Album were released. The first version consists of only twelve songs, while the second version consists of the same songs as the first version but with twelve more songs added.

List of songs for the first version of Furby Mix (contains only one CD)

  1. La Lola
  2. Sigue Al Lida (Follow the Leader)
  3. Believe
  4. Salome
  5. Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom
  6. Suavemente
  7. Livi'n La Vida Loca
  8. Blue (da ba dee)
  9. Witch Doctor
  10. Waterloo
  11. 2 Times
  12. Oh Wanna (Alegría)

List of songs on CD 1 for Furby Mix's second version

  1. Livin'in Jam
  2. Bailamos
  3. Mambo N°5
  4. Sigue Al Lider (Follow the Leader)
  5. A-Ba-Ni-Bi
  6. Believe
  7. Salome
  8. Boom,Boom,Boom,Boom
  9. Blue (da ba dee)
  10. Suavemente
  11. El Baile Del Pimpollo
  12. Libre

List of songs on CD 2 for Furby Mix's second version

  1. Livi'n La Vida Loca
  2. Probe Miguel
  3. Living Next Door to Alice
  4. La Banana
  5. Mi Chico Latino
  6. Witch Doctor
  7. Waterloo
  8. Hooked on a Feeling
  9. 2 Times
  10. La Lola
  11. La Ultima Carta
  12. Oh Wanna (Alegría)


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