Furby Mix - Hooked On A Feeling FMV-002:59

Furby Mix - Hooked On A Feeling FMV-0


The Furby Mix band


Furby Mix Band album cover

The Furby Mix Band is a fictional band created by the youtuber "Furby Man". The band consisting of the 5 Furbies that are on the cover of the Furby Mix CD. The Furby Mix music videos are animated.

Band Members

The lead singer is a Spring Furby named Noo-Loo on the front of the Furby Mix cover. The Back-up singer is a Tiger Furby named Nah-bah. The guitar player is a Giraffe Furby named Doo-Moh. The drummer is a Santa Furby named Mee-Mee. A Zebra Furby named Boh-Bay is on the keys.

Music Videos

So far, 6 Furby Mix music videos have been made, and Furby Man states he will make many more. A-Ba-Ni-Bi: Mambo no. 5: Bailamos: Hooked On A Feeling: I'm Blue: Oh Wanna Alegria:


In 2016, it was announced that the Furby Mix band will get their own movie called "Furby Mix: The Movie". The movie will focus on all of the band members trying to find their stolen instruments. The movie will be released on DVD and YouTube on December 25, 2018.

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