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Furby Mix - Hooked On A Feeling FMV-002:59

Furby Mix - Hooked On A Feeling FMV-0


The Furby Mix band

The Furby Mix Band is a fictional band created by the youtuber "Furby Man". The band consisting of the 5 Furbies that are on the cover of the Furby Mix CD. The Furby Mix music videos are animated.

Band Members

The lead singer is a Spring Furby named Noo-Loo on the front of the Furby Mix cover. The Back-up singer is a Tiger Furby named Nah-bah. The guitar player is a Giraffe Furby named Doo-Moh. The drummer is a Santa Furby named Mee-Mee. A Zebra Furby named Boh-Bay is on the keys.

Music Videos

So far, 6 Furby Mix music videos have been made, and Furby Man states he will make many more. A-Ba-Ni-Bi: Mambo no. 5: Bailamos: Hooked On A Feeling: I'm Blue: Oh Wanna Alegria:

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