This page is for the Crystal Series Furby Furbling Toys. For the digital app version, click on Crystal Furblings.

Crystal Furblings

The Crystal Furbling Toys

To go along with the Furby Boom!: Crystal Series, Hasbro created Furblings to go with them. They function identically to the regular toy Furblings, but have the unique crystal features and colors of Furby Boom!: Crystal Series and different sounds and phrases. They can interact with crystal or regular Furby Booms.


  1. (Tarzan sound)
  2. (giggling) Doo-loo lee-koo!
  3. (crying)
  4. Peek-a-Boo!
  5. (singing)
  6. Yeeyeeyee yeeyee yeah!
  7. Wee-tah wee-loh?
  8. (farts and giggles)
  9. Bay-bee! (giggles)
  10. (giggling and hiccuping)
  11. Dah...dah...dah-way!
  12. (purring)
  13. Dee-doo-ba-dee-dee, ba-doo-bah-dee
  14. (hiccuping and burping)
  15. (singing)
  16. Uh-oh....ay-way....
  17. (coughing and sneezing)
  18. Noo-loo bay-bee!