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Furby Connect is the newest Furby toy released on July 12, 2016. Furby Connect has new features, such as watching viral videos with Furby via Bluetooth with the app. They know Kidz Bop versions of modern songs of the time like Cheerleader, One Call Away, and Exes and Ohs. In the app you can also feed it from a machine called the Food Cannon. Unlike most other Furbys he costs £99.99. (price in pounds), and $100.00 (USD).


The Furby Connect Furbies appear very different than the many other Furbies that were released before the Furby Connect, such as the Furby Boom. They are now a larger compared to the Furbies that were released years before it. Now the eyes show color and around the eyes are circular rings. The shape of the mouth has also changed and is smaller. However the Furby Connect still have some things that are very similar, like the tail and the shape of the feet.


  • Teal
  • Pink
  • Coral
  • Purple
  • Blue


  • All Furby Connects' voices are similar to the voice of the default 2012 Furby personality.
  • Unlike the 2012 Furby and the Furby Boom, they can't change personalities like Furbacca the Wookie Furby.
  • There was a Sonic Wacky Pack series toys of Furby Connect.
  • because of the complexity furby connect is prone to glitches.
  • furby connect in ways is similar to the 1998 furbys ex: the sound sensor, voice, several tricks to make it sleep and the fact that it operates on 4 AA batteries (but that’s true to all full size adult/ full size furby creatures from years before.)
  • Furby connect creatures have very soft cuddly fur and are very plump and chubby.



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