Below is a list of known Furby bugs and glitches.

Furby 1998

  • Furby sometimes picks up or messes with radio frequencies.
  • When batteries run low, your Furby may freeze up while saying a sentence, resulting in garbled playback of the sentence until batteries are replaced. This is because the lines of code in Furby's circuit board aren't completely filled in with such little power from the batteries, resulting in the garbled speech.
  • Some Furby's can re-start without the reset button being pushed. On some first-generation models, if the tongue sensor is pushed in without the reset button being pushed in, Furby has a chance of restarting itself.
  • Sometimes, Furby's gears go out of sync (you will notice this if Furby begins moving its ears instead of its eyes, its eyes instead of its beak, etc.) Replacing the batteries fixes this issue (unless its sync screw is loose).
  • Furby can sometimes emit a high-pitched beeping noise at a high Hertz level. This can happen when batteries are running low.
  • When batteries start running out, Furby's voice pitch will be deeper and Furby's gears will move slower than usual.
  • If it's motor is trying to turn but it's stuck, it will make a strange buzzing sound.

Furby Babies 1999

  • Furby Babies will get what is known as the squeaky gear syndrome. After age and wear, their gears and motor will emit a hideous screeching or loud squeaking noise.
  • When starting up after years of not being used, some Furby Babies' internals may dysfunction and be stuck on a word, resulting in them repeating themselves and saying "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" for a very long time until their batteries are removed or run out. Click here to see it.
  • Very likely due to the voice box, Furby Babies can go mute. The Furby Baby can work completely fine though the voice is nowhere to be heard.

Furby 2005

  • When batteries run low, Furby can stop moving completely. If you press on the tongue sensor when it is frozen, Furby might emit a high pitched siren noise.
  • If Furby is on low battery when speaking or when responding to a command, Furby can restart itself several times continuously.
  • When Furby is on low battery and if Furby tries to speak, Furby might restart itself continuously.
  • When Furby is telling a story and Furby says "When sun up, me hungry!" and opens its beak, it may ask you to feed it again or it would say "Me no hungry!", and Furby will not continue telling its story.
  • Sometimes when you play with Furby while it is on low battery and tickle it, it will say, "Tickle me more!" and sleep immediately after that.
  • When Furby is playing red light, green light and you tickle Furby's stomach with his eyes closed, instead of saying "You win!", Furby will ask to be tickled more, or it would say "No tickle" and won't ask if you want to play again.

Furby 2012

  • When you change Furby's batteries while the batteries still have some power left, sometimes its eyes won't power on.
  • Furby can sometimes randomly "die" and completely stop working. This normally happens with low, bad batteries. Pressing the reset button will fix this issue.
  • When batteries run low, Furby's eyes flash rapidly when it speaks or dances.
  • Furby can sometimes go to sleep with their eyes partially or completely open.
  • If you put your finger in its mouth when it only has 3 batteries, then you place the fourth battery in at the same time, its eyes won't light up.
  • If batteries are mixed, it will not speak even when waking up, and its eyes will constantly get darker. To fix this, reset Furby until its eyes are blank with dots in the middle. Furby will lose all its memory and will wake up back to the original personality. You can also attempt to fix this issue by changing the batteries and normally resetting Furby.
  • Furby can look like it ran out of batteries, but pushing him down can make him wake up, however, he will awaken with glitched eyes. He will talk but his pupils will not be shown. This can be fixed by replacing the batteries.
  • Sometimes if near water or other stuff, it will make a static sound. This is a minor bug that happens if you need to change the batteries.
  • Furby sometimes goes to sleep instantly. This glitch can be solved by turning Furby upside-down, pulling its tail, feeding it, or other ways to wake up. Not to be confused with the "die" or "looks out of batteries" glitch.
  • If batteries are low, but are high-quality ones like Duracell, instead of doing the "die", or "static" glitch, it will not move during snore and will move its mouth after morning snore.
  • Rarely, when batteries are replaced with low ones, Furbys eyes will dim occasionally. This can also happen if you mix different kinds of batteries.
  • If Furby's batteries get low, it will fall asleep quicker and much more easily.
  • Rarely, Furby's sensors won't work except the feeding sensor. Waiting a few minutes should resolve this.
  • Furby can make a click sound when he moves his body up.
  • Sometimes, the mouth doesn't move while Furby is waking up. After it's done snoring, it "fast forwards" what the mouth should've done before it said Dah Ay-Loh Oo-Tye.

Furby Party Rockers

  • Sometimes while they are saying "Dah-ay-loh-oo-tye" while waking up, it will start snoring again, wake up, start snoring, wake up and on and on until you change the batteries.
  • Sometimes even when still, party rockers rapidly switch from phrase to phrase until they are adjusted.
  • Wake up very easily, due to the temperamental motion sensor.
  • The speaker inside can sometimes go out and the Furby will stop speaking, but will still be able to send and receive audio signals to and from other Furbys and Furby Booms. When this happens, the other Furbys will treat the Party rocker like nothing ever happened. Sometimes, the Party rocker will seem mute but once in a while say a phrase, but go mute again. This usually stops after the speaker fully dies.
  • Sometimes, Furby Party Rockers will emit a beeping noise and will not respond to anything. This noise will be constant and usually happens if the speaker is near to dying. Taking out the batteries will fix this issue. If you replace the batteries the Furby Party Rocker will most likely not emit the noise anymore, but the Party Rocker may be mute/almost mute. This can also happen if the Party Rocker is touched by water.
  • When the batteries are low, it may go into an infinite loop restarting itself, then it will sound a very high frequency.

Furby Boom (Furby 2013)

  • Furby can wake up randomly during sleep when it is lying on its back.
  • Furby can wake up without opening its eyes.
  • Furby can sometimes go to sleep with its eyes open or partially open.
  • Furby can randomly 'sleep' and you have to click the reset button to turn it on again.
  • Furby's gears can go out of sync.
  • Furby can sometimes be bent down constantly after waking up. It will go back to normal after a couple of minutes.
  • Furby can get stuck in certain poses, for example, eyes partially open or constantly bent up or down. A known thing is it will happen if you drop it.
  • Sometimes, they can have deep voices for no apparent reason. Resetting may fix this.
  • Furby can wake up without talking. You will have to open and fix it or return it.
  • Sometimes Furby dances and then stops working.
  • Furby can sometimes have sleeping problems, in which it will go to sleep, snore its extra morning snore and start speaking again. This happens constantly. If lying on its back, it may also wake back up, and if left alone it may also happen. Sometimes pulling its tail for 10 seconds works and puts it to sleep, but it will wake up quite easily.
  • If batteries are mixed or running low, the Furby may work until its battery cover is screwed in. if this happens, its eyes will dim quickly, but the pupils will still be shown. The Furby will shut off after this. Replace the batteries to fix this issue.
  • If shaken too roughly, Furby may change personalities into Feisty or Rockstar mode, but its voice will be raspy and doubled. The speaker may go mute, and replacing the battery usually fixes this issue.
  • Rarely, Furby may change personalities after being left alone without it yelling "Me changing!". It will switch back to the personality it was before after being reset or leaving it alone.
  • Sometimes hard reset mode will not take effect, keeping the Furby's personality and name.
  • Due to hardware failure, Furby's may think they are constantly being shaken.
  • They're known to freeze more easily than 2012 Furby's.
  • The Christmas sweater pattern Furby, released near Christmas, seems to have the most bugs and dies more easily than other Furby Boom's. The pink polka dot pattern also seems to be quite buggy.

Furby Connect

  • Sometimes when the Furby Connect App is not up to date, Furby will say "Egg ready!". It will get stuck in a position and one of its eyes will be static, like a QR code. The eye will go black and about a millisecond after this happens its voice will glitch out. This is fixed by updating the app. Watch it here:
  • Furby will sometimes not connect to the app.
  • Furby may sometimes disconnect during gameplay and shut off.
  • Furby will sometimes constantly be updating for a very long time until the Furby runs out of batteries. Deleting and re-downloading the app fix this.
  • They sometimes go mute and you have to either return them to the store or open and fix Furby.
  • The fur is easier to pull off than other Furby's (this is not really a glitch, it is just cheap quality).
  • Furby can die seconds after waking up. It can't be fixed, even while changing the batteries. It can get worse over time.
  • Furby's speaker can break down.
  • Furby can wake up with their sleep mask on, making a static sound that gets worse over time. This glitch starts when only 1 charged AA is remaining. This can be fixed by replacing or recharging the batteries.
  • They always consume the power of 4 AA's, even when 1 AA is left, draining the battery rapidly.
  • Furby will sometimes have its eye phased.
  • When two Furbies are talking, you may notice the app can't connect. Same with Bluetooth, displaying nothing instead of Furby Furby. This has an unknown cause, but can be solved by stopping the Furbys from talking to each other.
  • Sometimes Furby's eyelids, and/or both get frozen for a few seconds, or until fed.
  • Furby only dances for seconds before stopping. For a smoother dance, try different music.
  • Rarely, Furby can get stuck with eyes halfway open, scrunched all the way down, and ears down all the way while laying an egg. This is fixed by letting it come out, or preventing it from laying an egg.
  • Sometimes, all of Furby's sensors can stop working for a few seconds.
  • Mostly with pink or blue Furby connects, in the app, the pink or blue Furby's eyes will start glitching out rapidly, making flashes of static eye animations and a strange static and clicking noise combined with it. Furby's antenna and sensors will not work. The sleeping mask helps, but, when you put it on, sometimes it's eyes will freeze when you take it off then turn black, or it's beak will move and make a rapid static noise,then when you take it off, the Furby's antenna will glow sunset yellow, and its beak will hang open for 5 or 8 seconds, then close. Watch the video here!
  • May wake up with the sleep mask on. Noticeably, this can be recreated by putting the sleep mask on Furby, waiting for him to snore a few times (but not finish), and turn off the device. Furby may say "Aww. Why so soon?" And sleepily exclaim things, like sing in the slow sleepy-type voice etc.
  • Furby may give false "New video alerts".
  • If the furby has not been connected after a new song is added to the app, it will not update and for example, do New video alert! Valentine's day song with MLP! while it is not in the app anymore. This is fixed by reconnecting to the app.
  • Right after it says something like "Powernap" before it snores, if you wiggle the antenna, the furby will do like half a snore, and instantly "Wake up" without snoring the morning snore, for example, Power nap! Huh, Doo-loo dream! Koh way-loh electric sheep (morning blink). Furby will wake up normally afterward.
  • When laying on side or back, it's motor will emit a humming noise as it's joints of its ears can't move, and when speaking, its sentences might get cut off, or get cut off and switch to a new phase, or it will shut off randomly and an unexpected time, when you wake it up, it will be cut off, and it will be turned on, and its antenna will act normal when wiggling it, its eyes will power on after it says a phase.

Furby connect battery stages

  • Stage 1: 4 Fully charged AA's - The Furby Connect will work perfectly normal.
  • Stage 2: 3 AA's - The same as Stage 1, but Furby can occasionally shut off.
  • Stage 3: 2 AA's - After this stage, the Furby Connect will have battery glitches. In this stage, the Furby Connect can quickly shut off.
  • Stage 4: 1 AA - The Furby Connect will have a static-like or garbled voice, similar to the 2012 Furby, and shuts off more quickly than the previous stage. The Furby Connect will act super slow.
  • Stage 5: 1 Low AA - The Furby Connect will start malfunctioning and it might play glitched eye animations instead of smooth eye animations (Depends what type of batteries they are), and it's eyelids, ears, and antenna will stop working or Furby will act extremely slow, and occasionally won't turn on, or wake up. This can be fixed by charging or changing the batteries or waiting over time.
  • Stage 6: 1 Critically low AA - This is the last battery stage. The Furby Connect will seriously malfunction, its eyes might glitch instead of smooth eye animations and instead of blinking when it wakes up, the Furby will use the brightness of its eyes as eyelids, followed by flickering before it shuts off.

Furby connect world app

  • Kicks player off the app when you try and hatch an egg.
  • Sometimes the Furblings clip through objects.
  • Trees may cause interference with an object next to it, for example, if you try to put a furbling in the object next to it the furbling may jump away.
  • The models for the Furblings may glitch and spazz out.
  • App sometimes shuts off randomly.
  • Sometimes the timers for eggs or Furblings collecting items will be way more than 24 hours, for example, "2,533 hours and 38,482 minutes".
  • Sometimes when nests are full when a diamond level or gold level egg gets stored for later, it doesn't show up, but bronze or silver level eggs do
  • Sometimes the app freezes Furby's eyes.
  • The app may freeze and not respond.