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History, Speculation and Release.

In early 2013, a trademark was filed by hasbro registering 2 names: "Furblings" and "Furby Boom". Furby Boom was registered as a "Toy" while Furblings was registered under "Media", leaving some to speculate furby may be getting a TV show, video game or something of the nature. However, Furblings were registered under "Media" due to the fact that they are virtual pets, while Furby BOOM! is a full toy.  When a Furby BOOM! creature is Pregnant, it will lay an egg on an IOS (4.3 or later) or Android (2.3.3 or later) Device (iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad, etc.). The egg then hatches and your Furby BOOM! now has a baby known as a Furbling. Caring for the Furbling is almost identical to playing with a Tamagotchi. It can also play games with Furby BOOM and other Furblings . Up to 50 Furblings can belong to one Furby BOOM! creature. Each one has a unique style, personality and colour scheme. The Furblings may or may not resemble the colour scheme of their parent. Furby BOOM! is available for purchase online, and will be in stores in the USA and Canada by August 27. Also, the truck drives your Furbling to it's room. Furby BOOM! can also use the Furby App on IOS devices and Android devices. Some BOOM's only speak Furbish and refuse to learn english because they are too proud!


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