Known as the "Yeti Furby"
New Furby Dances to Gangnam Style04:14

New Furby Dances to Gangnam Style

He is quite rare due to his popularity.
White furby edit

A customized Yeti Furby

In some Furby fan's videos, the Yeti White and the Black Furby are against each other, the white being good the other evil.
Good Furby vs Bad Furby00:46

Good Furby vs Bad Furby

.He is basically the same as the dark blue, purple and tealish Furby, just different colours (opposed to the others, from the 2012 line, which have a hexagonal pattern).

Above is a video of a Yeti Furby dancing to PSY's Gangnam Style by YouTuber, Nestly Hoeg.

The Japanese name is マシュマロホワイト (White Marshmallow).

It is similar to the Snowball Furby from the first generation in 1998.

Nice Furby Vs01:13

Nice Furby Vs. Evil Furby!


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