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Furby 2005

15 of the 18 2005 designs. (tan and pink is repeated.)

The Furby was re-introduced in 2005 with a brand new design. It was first released with 4 different color combinations, later expanding to a total of 16. Sales were poor, due to the limited voice recognition and the popularity of the FurReal Friends line of interactive plushes at the time.

Difference in design

The new Furby design was almost double the size of the original and featured a rubber beak, proper plastic feet (opposed to fabric material ones), bigger ears, eyes with more detail, no tail (Except for Funky Furbys) and a different shape. It also has an on/off/demo switch (Funky Furby just has a on/off switch).

Functions and abilities

2005 Furby has a tummy sensor and a back sensor, much like 1998 Furby. Without the sensor between its eyes it can not sense changes in light nor can it communicate with Furbys from other generations (though you can make it talk with other 2005 Furbys). It can also eat when its mouth sensor is pushed.

This series of Furby focused on being able to understand speech and respond accordingly, rather than just recognizing loud sounds. To get its attention, You must say 'Hey Furby!' Once Furby makes a sound, you can give him a command.

These include:

  • 'Sing me a song' will make it sing 'twinkle twinkle', in Furbish or English, depending on how long it has been played with.
  • 'Tell me a joke' will make it tell one of 7 knock-knock jokes.
  • 'Show me a dance' will make it sing and dance. (Funky Furby will not dance unless music is played.)
  • 'Tell me a story' - it will tell you about its life story as a Furby on Furby Island.
  • 'Do you want to play?' will make it play a game of 'red light, green light'.
  • 'Go to sleep' - Furby enters sleep mode and will wake up when you whistle or press his belly.
  • "I Love You" - Will make Furby happy. It will also make it more likely to carry out commands and learn English more quickly.
  • 'I speak Furbish' - you can speak any of the above commands in Furbish.

Furby Island
First furby 2005

The first 4 furbys released in 2005

A 45-minute TV special, Furby Island, was produced in 2005. It features a young girl, Maddie, her brother, and their explorer parents, who travel the world looking for rare plants and animals. When Maddie tries to find a lizard, they discover Furby Island. They keep the Furbys from being captured by Doctor Conquest.

The movie itself aired only a few times (even for the launch of Furby 2012 on The Hub), and is very rare to find, especially in the official DVD format.

Funky Furby

Funky Furby is the first and last special edition of Generation 2.0. It has unique speech and can be taught to dance and sing 3 songs when music is played. It also has a long tail with multicolored streaks in it. Due to poor sales in the USA, Funky Furby was only sold in Canada, Spain, Italy and the UK. More special editions were planned, but were never released. Funky Furby was sold for about 3 months in 2007 before being discontinued. This is around the time 2005 Furby's production was halted. Funky Furby came in 3 Colors: Purple and Green, Pink and Yellow, and Blue and Magenta (An Italy Exclusive).

Funky Furby Pink and Yellow


Funky Furby Purple and Green


Funky Furby Blue and Magenta (Italy exclusive)

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