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The Lion Furby is from Series 10. This Furby is brown with hair all around its face, made to look like a lion's mane. It was never officially released anywhere, so it is very rare. However, some prototypes were given to lucky fans at toy shows. Others may have been auctioned off or given to people who worked for Hasbro. It is an old generation Furby (as you can see from the title). He is also identical to Furbacca The Wookie Furby.

Below is a video of a Lion Furby, provided by YouTube user madmonkey4eva.

My lion furby! -Lion Furby02:11

My lion furby! -Lion Furby

Despite not being officially released, the Lion Furby has been featured in the 'Ain't no Furby Like Mine' commercial:

No Furby like Mine Commercial00:30

No Furby like Mine Commercial

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