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Tiger Electronics 1998 furby review12:08

Tiger Electronics 1998 furby review

Witch's Cat is the name given to an all black Generation 1 Furby released in 1998. Nicknamed the rare all-black Furby. While many of them sold, the Furby is currently hard to find and in high demand by collectors. 


  • While it sold in high numbers, this one has seemingly depleted in numbers over the years, and is hard to find, making it in high demand by collectors.
  • Although it was called Witch's Cat, nothing on the Furby looks like a cat. The name of the Furby is a reference to typical black cats who are commonly seen around evil witches.
  • It was seen in the video ''KIDS REACT TO FURBY'' by TheFineBros, along with the Pink Stripes Furby Boom.

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