Used lady bug
Lady Bug is the name given to a Generation 4 Furby released in September of 1999. It was a very popular colour, meaning it's not too easy to find, but it's still very plentiful. It is also one of the only Furbys with red fur, making it a sought after collection piece. It has a tail. There is a medium-sized Furby stuffed animal that is a Ladybug furby.


Furby Coco and Ha...ha...

Furby Coco and Ha...ha....hatjsoo-0

A Lady Bug Furby talking with a Furby 1998- Champagne.

Furby Ha..ha.

Furby Ha..ha..hatjsoo and Coco

Another video of a Champagne Furby and Lady Bug Furby talking to eachother.

Furby Coco have a cold

Furby Coco have a cold

Another video of a Lady Bug Furby.