Husky is the name given to a Generation 6 Furby that was released during November/December. It is part of a long line of leopard-related Furbys. It is nearly identical to the Snow Leopard Furby of Generation 3, except the Husky Furby has a black belly.

$ 27 (9)

2 Husky Furbies in there boxes.


Furby Da , Doh-moh and May-lah-kah (new)-102:01

Furby Da , Doh-moh and May-lah-kah (new)-1

A Husky Furby talking with 2 Lizard Furbies.

Furby Bo, Dah, (.), (01:24

Furby Bo, Dah, (.), (.),Toh-loo, and Dah-loh-lah-1

A Husky Furby talking with other Furbies. (Alligator, Color Change, Gorilla, Turtle, and Rooster)

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