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Champagne Furby.

Original-Furby-1999-Champagne-Sparkle-Iridescent-White-Tiger- 1

Furby 1998- Champagne Furby

Champagne is the name given to a Generation 6 1998 Furby. It is sometimes mistaken for the Snowball 1998 Furby and the Lamb 1998 Furby due to the colourings. It is a completely white Furby with glittery fur.


Champagne Furby is also nicknamed as the sparkle Furby, or the rainbow Furby. This Furby is more common to get dirtier than other Furbys.

Furby Coco and Ha...ha...03:10

Furby Coco and Ha...ha....hatjsoo

Champagne Furby is seen interacting with the Ladybug Furby in this video.

Furby Ha..ha.03:01

Furby Ha..ha..hatjsoo and Coco-0

Another video of a Champagne Furby talking with a Lady Bug Furby.

Furby Ha...ha...04:37

Furby Ha...ha....hatjsoo

A video of a Champagne Furby.

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