Blue Turtle is the name of a Furby released in Generation 6. It was first manufactured in December of 1999. It has a tail. It was somewhat popular, and due to being released just before christmas, many children recived this furby, and some of the other furbys from Generation 6. Therefore, there are still a few in circulation, yet it is moderately hard to find. The rare silver eyed version is more hard to find, only been spotted as one of RowanCunningham's Furbies and in the Gremlins Gizmo commercial.
$ 27 (7)

2 Blue Turtle Furbies with 2 v2 Millenium Furbies and one v1 Millennium Furby, an Autumn Furby, and a Dragon Furby.


  • This Furby is sometimes referred to as the spider web Furby.


Furby Nah-bah, Kah and Bo03:12

Furby Nah-bah, Kah and Bo

3 Blue Turtle Furbies talking to each other.

Furby 1999 Blue turtle01:56

Furby 1999 Blue turtle

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