Used tie-dye
$ 27 (6)

2 Tie Dye Furbies in their boxes.

Tie Dye is the name given to a Generation 4 Furby released in september of 1999. It is easy to find, but hard to find in good condition, due to the fact that it was a very very popular colour with young children who don't always take the best care of their stuffed animals. Most Tie Dye Furbys come in what toy collectors call "Well Loved Condition". It has a Mane.


Furby Thumbo,Thumbo and Ha-da04:56

Furby Thumbo,Thumbo and Ha-da

2 Tie Dye Furbies talking with a Cheetah Furby 2 Pink Flamingo Furbies are seen in the background, as well as another Tie Dye Furby.

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