Furbacca is a 2015 special edition Furby from Disney's Star Wars.

About Furbacca

Furbacca is a Furby that is based off of Chewbacca from Disney's Star Wars: The Force Awakens which debuted in late 2015. He, like his favorite Star Wars character, can talk Wookie and was was first announced in February 2015 and was released in August of the same year. You can pet his head to make his eyes show various expressions and graphic elements from the Star Wars universe (like lightsabers, X-wing fighters and star destroyers). He can hum Star Wars music and show different things at the same time. (also, he can also imitate sound effects) Furbacca can sometimes get grumpy. There's even a Furbacca app (with the same features as the Furby Boom! app) Furbacca retails for an MSRP of US $80.


The appearance of Furbacca is the same as the Furby Boom! range of toys and looks exactly the same as the character that he is meant to represent, Chewbacca. He has brown fur and there are also lighter brown highlights in the fur. Furbacca's ears are a dark brown, with a oddly shaped hole in each one. His feet are also the same color as his ears, and cannot be seen that much, as his long fur covers it. This Furby wears Chewbacca's signature bandolier, but instead of having a rectangular pattern, it has a circular pattern.

Furbacca Awake
Furbacca Asleep
Furbacca at Toy Fair 2015 (Picture 1)
Furbacca at Toy Fair 2015 (Picture 2)