Eidolon Funny otherwise known as Clever Furby (according to the Chinese version of the toy) is a wannabe Furby.

It has a plastic shell unlike the 2012 Furby, possesses a phone-like tummy, and has ears made from either silicone or rubber. Its tummy has several phone-like number buttons that you can press for a few different stories and copyrighted songs. Its eyes light up and its ears change color when they light up. The can imitate anything you say, too. The boxes of some Eidolon's have a picture of a baby Eidolon (or Furbling) hatching from an egg on a phone though there is no app for this toy. The box art work for the English version of the toy plagiarises most of the box art of a Furby boom while the Chinese version plagiarises some of the box art for the 2012 Furby's. They may come in pink, blue, yellow, or green.
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