The Eidolon Funny (Full name: Eidolon Funny Storyteller) is a wannabe Furby Boom.


It has a plastic shell that looks like a horribly made ripoff image of a 2012 Furby. Instead of being an interactive friend, it has a phone-like tummy, having several phone-like number buttons that you can press for different stories and it's ears and eyes light up. Also, on the box it has a picture of a baby Eidolon (or Furbling) hatching from an egg on a phone, but this is fake since there is no actual Eidolon Funny app. However, it is similar to the Furby Boom box artwork.


  • The Eidolon Funny toy is almost NOTHING like a proper Furby, and instead is a storyteller instead of an interactive friend.
  • With its different number pad buttons, it tells several different stories that are told by a female narrator. However, the real Furbies don't approve this toy.

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