Coobie ファービ Knockoff01:53

Coobie ファービ Knockoff.

Demo of Coobie white and tan version. credit goes to youtuber FURBYmarmalade.


Coobie variations. Some even have neon eyes.

 Coobie is yet another Furby Fake. It is one of several knockoff Furbys that use almost identical designs, including Poopi, Foobie and Purby (pirate toy companies often rip off each other's knockoff toys). Coobie is unique from other knockoffs because he has his very own voice with a made up language, however Coobish still borrows very heavily from the furbish language.


Coobie is very similar to the Furby, but with Teddy Bear arms and legs with multicoloured paws. Coobie has many many different colour variations. Like other knockoffs, Coobie's beak is a bright yellow colour, while Furby's is a Yellow-Orange colour.

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