Chilla Chilla is a Furby knock-off made by Trendmasters in 1998, and they were distributed by a company called YUJIN in Japan.


They come in a variety of fur colors, and unlike Furby, Chilla Chillas do not have feet, and they have noses instead of beaks. They have ears and eye lids above their eyes, but they do not move.


Unlike many Furby fakes, Chilla Chillas have a voice of their own. They make different sounds, and can only say a few English words. They have mechanisms inside themselves allowing them to stretch up and down.


Other Versions of Chilla Chilla's

In 1998, another version of Chilla Chillas known as Chilla Chilla Jr. were released. In 1999, two other versions of Chilla Chilla's were produced including animal versions, and Chilla Bunny Beanz.

Animal versions

Animal versions of Chilla Chillas were released in 1999. Animal versions of Chilla Chilla's such as cats, kangaroos, gorillas, caterpillars, and elephants were released in different color schemes. Three other versions including a parrot version, what looks like a smaller Chilla Chilla which is shaped like a ball with small ears and a tail, and a bigger Chilla Chilla which is also round exist but with bigger ears and a longer tail exist, but it is not known if they were released. The smaller Chilla Chilla shaped like a round ball can do somersaults, spin, and has a tail that spins. 


Chilla Bunny Beanz 

Released in 1999, Chilla Bunny Beanz are mini versions of Chilla Chilla's with bunny ears, and the ability to make noises when its tummy is pressed. Unlike the other versions of Chilla Chilla's, this version lacks mechanisms and doesn't move. They were part of the Spatters Springtime toyline in 1999.


Chilla Chilla Jr.

Not much is known about this version of Chilla Chilla's. They appear to look more fluffier than a regular Chilla Chilla, but they still bear other physical features that a regular Chilla Chilla has. They were released in Japan, but it is not known if they were released overseas.