Baby Birdy Bird is a 1998 Furby knock-off which was made in 1999. They were distributed by ABL Innovation and they have been distributed by Simba Toys in Germany.


They range in a variety of colors and color combinations. They have a pair of wings, an ear on each side of its head, blue beady eyes with black pupils and a brown ring surrounding each eye. They also have some white fluff above their stomach areas near their faces, two yellow feet, and a yellow beak with a white face. Brown Baby Birdy Bird's are known to have a light brown face instead of a white face. 


Baby Birdy Bird has a pullstring on its back which causes it to vibrate. Baby Birdy Bird speaks its own language called "Birdy Jabber" and responds when you touch its tummy or pet its back. 


  • All Baby Birdy Bird's come with a birth record showing their birthplace, name, and birth date.
  • You will normally see on the box of a Baby Birdy Bird a phrase similar to what is seen on a Furby's box, but instead of "The more you play with me, the more I do," you will see the phrase, "The more you play with me, the more you will love me!"