B/O Electronics is a company that manufactured fake furbies such as Furbish, Baby Brainy, and Gigabot.


B/O (Bang and Olufsen) Electronics is a German manufacturing company. When Furby was popular, B/O electronics started ripping Furby off with knock-offs such as Baby Brainy, Furbish, and Gigabot. Baby Brainy and Furbish both have a tag on them that says "B/O ELECTRONICS" on one side, and what the fur is made of on the other side. B/O Electronics didn't put their company name on Baby Brainy's box, but they did on Furbish.

B/O Electronics Today

Today, B/O Manufactures many different types of electronics, such as car electronics, home electronics, and so on.


B/O Electronics is over 90 years old.

B/O Electronics was sued back in 2002 over the use of fake Furby toys which infringed on Tiger Electronics trademark. Tiger Electronics won the lawsuit but it was never revealed what happened afterwards.

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